Eve Smason-Marcus

Eve for Bellingham City Council Ward 6



Hi, I’m Eve

I’m running a grassroots campaign for Bellingham City Council, Ward 6 to bring more transparency and participatory practices to City Hall. Too much of our city’s decision-making happens without the voices of those most impacted being part of the process.

I want to ensure we make space and collaborate with those who are most familiar with the barriers in place and work together to dismantle them.

Collectively, we have the resources to create permanent affordable housing and accessible shelter options, invest in renewable energy, protect our waters and land, and build a safe and beloved community. 



It’s time for Bellingham to imagine what is possible for our community and create transformative solutions together.

Platform Overview

Housing Justice

With limited affordable housing and inaccessible shelter options, we need bold solutions like social housing, inclusionary zoning, and safe campsites. When programs are unable to reach those they claim to serve, we should be examining the institutions and their practices, not the people in need of support.


Transparency is imperative to holding our leaders accountable while empowering the community to participate. In order to authentically engage with the issues Bellingham faces, we need the voices of those most impacted to be part of the process. 

Racial Justice

Confronting our history of racial violence and white supremacy is the lens through which we need to develop anti-racist policy, training, and action. We need to invest in community spaces, youth programming, and health resources for marginalized communities. 

Environmental Justice

In order to protect the environment for future generations, we need to recognize Indigenous knowledge systems, bridge the management to science gap, identify and support communities most impacted, and collaborate across disciplines.

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Email: electsmasonmarcus@gmail.com

Phone: (360) 261-4234

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