Eve Smason-Marcus Eve for Bellingham City Council Ward 6



Community Members

Terrance “Teejay” Morris, Founder of Bellingham Unity Committee: “As a human rights activist in Bellingham. I have watched Eve develop as a leader. They bring a much needed fresh, dynamic and visionary approach to issues confronting our community. Eve has been a strong voice for Bellingham working behind the scene with Bellingham Unity Committee and The Whatcom Human Rights Taskforce. I know Eve will continue to center marginalized voices and build a Bellingham that is truly inclusive, like they have been doing for the last five years. I’m supporting Eve for Bellingham City Council, Ward 6.”

Traci Soriano, local business owner: “It can be overwhelming to know how to support, change and heal our community when there are so many issues and differing perspectives. We need the strong voice and engaged heart of Eve Smason-Marcus. Eve is creating conversations, presenting innovative ideas for social change, and challenging us to move beyond the status quo…for the better of all. As a community member and business owner, I support Eve Smason-Marcus for Bellingham City Council, Ward 6.”

Jason McGill, Executive Director of Northwest Youth Services: “Eve has continuously upheld their commitment to speak up against injustice, and cultivate transparent and inclusive communication. I believe that Eve will be a transformative addition to our city council as we continue to push to address racial and social inequities, housing and homelessness, and the need to further police accountability reform.” 

Victor Nolet, Ph.D., retired, Professor of Education WWU: “Eve offers creative and practical solutions to some of our community’s most intractable challenges. Her deep commitment to justice, equity, fairness, and responsive government is a much needed alternative to a patriarchal and complacent status quo.”
Shemaia Kountouros, community organizer and local journalist: “Eve is brilliant, highly ethical and very, very good at communicating in a diplomatic manner that gets her point across while respecting everyone at the table. Eve’s experience and advocacy are proof of her commitment to social justice and the equity and wellbeing of each and every person in the community.”
Kristina Lee Podesva, Owner, Localgroup Studio: “As our city grows and becomes more expensive and diverse in the process, we need local leaders to be both aware of and responsive to the challenges our community faces in this context. Eve has worked tirelessly behind the scenes on solutions to housing insecurity and racial inequity through the Bellingham Unity Committee and the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force. Her volunteer work, eagerness to learn and listen, and ability to act, rather than remain passive, in the face of urgent needs is why I am endorsing her campaign.”
Kris Lytton, former State Representative
Tip Johnson, former Bellingham City Council Member
Carrie Blackwood, former candidate for State Senate
Jamie Donaldson, Founding Director, Whatcom Peace & Justice Center

Dena Jenson, Noisy Waters Northwest
Beth Hartsoch, President of Riveters Collective
Jennifer Wright, Vice President of Riveters Collective
John Servais, Founder of NW Citizen
Dr. Josh Cerretti, Educator and community organizer
Tina McKim, Co-Founder of Birchwood Food Desert Fighters
Julie Mauermann, Librarian, REACH trainer
Harmony Devaney, founder of Whatcom Focused Youth Movement
Deauna Davis, Co-Founder of Bellingham Unity Committee
Betsy Pernotto and Bob Marshall, community organizers
Amanda Grelock, Former EDI coordinator for Bellingham Food Co-op
Amanda Zimmerman, Riveters Collective Board Member
Eowyn SavelaFormer President of the Riveters Collective
Geneva Blake, Board Member, WHRTF

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